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Real estate allows you to stay at home?
October 22, 2012

Can owning real estate allow you to stay at home with your baby?

Well, according to my real estate agent it can.

It's something about real estate that's mysterious, yet, people dabble in real estate for a living.

A lot of wealthy people make their money from real estate


Because it is something you can continuously make money from without being there.

Think about it.

You can get rental income that's recurring or you can sell your property to get a lump sum.

Let's say you have 5 houses. If you get, say $800 a month in rental income from each of those 5 houses, that’s $4000 a month to live off of.

Can you live off $4000 a month?

I don’t know, I MIGHT could. It just depends on……..YOU DARN RIGHT I COULD!

But you have to have the money to get the real estate first right?

Well that’s what my buddy Jim is showing us how to do here:

I want income to stay home with my baby.

Right now I am paying mortgage on my house…..but very soon, say in a few years, I think I’m going to make this my first rental property to start my recurring income.

Go here to learn more: I want income to stay home with my baby.

Don't forget to send me your results from this! I love hearing success stories and how mothers are staying home with their babies.

Talk to you soon!


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