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Change your Mentality First! Then succeed.....
November 06, 2012

If you want to stay home and make money, change your mind!

Let me ask you a question. There are two ways to get rich:

Make More Money and

Spend Less Money.

Which one do you prefer?


We all want to make more money! And that, my friend, is Business Thinking!

Wage-earner thinking is always to spend less money in order to have more money.

That is good when it comes to saving money, but if your mentality is to make more money, then your mind will always be open to see new business opportunities.

Opportunities to make money when no one else sees them!

Quit trying to "spend less" to "make more" and figure out how you can "spend the same amount but make more usable money"!

And look for various opportunities in order to stay home with your baby, not just the follow the lead opportunities that everyone is doing.

Here's one to get you started:

A special opportunity for me and my baby!

Don't forget to send me your results from this! I love hearing success stories and how mothers are staying home with their babies.

Talk to you soon!


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