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Something better than selling on eBay?
November 05, 2012

eBay selling does work, but.......

Do you know anybody that has a computer but has never purchased anything online?

Oh wait a minute....I do!

My grandmother hasn't. But she surprised us all by purchasing a computer about a month ago and now she wants us to help her learn how to pay her bills online.

If grandma is doing it, guess what? There are a millions more people that are actually purchasing online everyday!

But of course you already know this.

Have you ever heard of those eBay Power Sellers?

Well, those people are for real! I wasn't an eBay power seller but I did almost rub elbows with them.

I sold "stuff" on eBay. And it wasn't even my stuff. I don't know how all of this worked, I just know it worked.

And in my first month I made $500!

This is how I did it:

I set up an eBay account and then I looked for products that I thought were selling pretty good by the number of bids they had.

It had to be a product with not too much competition, although that is very hard to find nowadays on eBay, so just do your best.

After I found a few products that I thought would sell, I started looking for a company that had the product and would ship it for me.....a dropshipper.

I didn't have to call them or anything! All this was done through email.

After that was setup, I just started posting my listings with a nice little description on eBay.

But I didn't learn all of this on my own.

I bought a course for about $25 that taught me step by step what to do. What I told you is basically what the course said, with just a little more details.

I would say making $500 in the first month was well worth the $25 spent!

And I wasn't even selling expensive things. I remember in particular one item I sold was a lava lamp for about $15.

So imagine if you sold the high priced stuff how much you could make.

So why didn't I keep doing it and adding more things to my selling list.

Because I hooked up with a sucky dropshipper!

Some of the pictures that they gave me to use for my listings on eBay weren't the same as the products that they were shipping.

For instance, let's say somebody thought they were buying a purple lava lamp from looking at the picture. But when they received the product, it was a blue lava lamp.

Well after 3 of those mishaps, I just quit altogether.

When I look back at it now, I should have just found another dropshipper.

Hmmmmm. Now that I think about it, maybe I will try this again. Just not on eBay this time. I might just open an e-commerce store this time around.

Recently I found a group of brothers who open e-commerce stores for a living....meaning this is what they do to support their family.....I think I could do it too....with a little training.

What about you?

This is my philosophy:

If everyone else can do it, why can't I?

With the world becoming global like it is, shopping online is only going to grow. So let's get in while it's still new and let the brothers teach us!

Find out more here:

I want income from an e-commerce store!

Don't forget to send me your results from this! I love hearing success stories and how mothers are staying home with their babies.

Talk to you soon!


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