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Ideas to Help you Stay Home
January 14, 2013

Do you Know Something about Something?

Ok. So if you're reading this then at some point in time you visited my website to get solutions with your breastfeeding issues.

A website that I made because not only did I want to help mothers with their breastfeeding issues, and I felt I had a little experience with breastfeeding (after nursing 3 kids who wouldn't).

But I also wanted to make an extra stream of income.

So I started the website

So here's a money making stay at home with your baby idea!:

Start a Website!

There are a lot of ways to make money and the company that I signed up with in order to make my website showed me EVERYTHING!

You can make money by allowing people to advertise on your website.

By recommending products and getting paid a small fee for your much money could you have generated in your lifetime if you got paid a fee everytime you recommended a good movie or restaurant?

Think about....

I'm not going to even date I have had my website for about a year and a half and have only made $38.

That's pitiful huh?

But I'm going to tell you, that $38 gave me hope.

Hope that it's possible to make money off my website....even a living!

There are plenty of people that went through this same company that I have my website through and are making around $3000 a month from one website by recommending products.....or selling e-books.

This is no joke. And very possible...

These people can help!

They can also help you think of something you have experience in.

But what if you don't want to focus on just one topic like I did with my website with breastfeeding......stay tuned and I will give you the solution to that problem!

Along with other ideas that will allow you to make more money (with less time) and stay home with your baby.

So far we've suggested:

Writing resumes


Opening an online store

Starting a website

Until next time.......STARTING A WEBSITE is a doable money making idea.

Talk to you soon!


"Every time you suppress some part of yourself or allow others to play you small, you are in essence ignoring the owner's manual your creator gave you and destroying your design" -Oprah Winfrey

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