Using Blessed Thistle to Increase Your Breast Milk Supply

Blessed thistle is one of the most popular herbs or galactagogue (this word is sometimes used to refer to a substance that increases milk supply) to use when it comes to increasing breast milk. Most women using this usually see a difference in milk supply within one to three days.

It also seems to work best in increasing breastmilk when it is taken with fenugreek.

Breastpumping while taking this herb also helps increase your breast milk faster. So don't forget to pump between feedings....or while feeding!

It is relatively safe to use and the only side effect that I know of is rapid weight gain.


There is a possibility that you may gain some weight. But breastfeeding is known to make you lose weight fast and naturally by burning fat to produce milk.

So if you do gain weight while taking this galactagogue, once your milk supply is back up the way you want it, just stop taking it. Then you will lose the extra weight!

Is a little extra weight, weight that you can always lose, worth gaining to produce more milk for your baby? It also may not happen to you. Your body is different from the next woman's.

Of course there are always other options to increasing your breast milk.

Along with increasing your milk supply, taking this herb can treat the following issues if you have them:



upset stomach


To get your milk flowing, take 2-3 capsules 3 times a day. If you overdose on this herb, it can cause vomiting.....not too serious, but who wants to vomit?

Enough chitter chatter......let's get that milk flowing!

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