Am I Suppose To Have
Breastfeeding Pain?

breastfeeding pain

I'm all too familiar with breastfeeding pain.

Whoever said breastfeeding isn't suppose to hurt was half way right.

It may not suppose to hurt, but it can and it will.

With my first child I went from engorgement to mastitis to painfully cracked sore nipples in a matter of days.


One hundred times ouch!

Not all women experience breastfeeding pain, but the ones that do, boy do they have a story to tell! And each one may have a different solution as to how they conquered the pain.

And they are still alive to tell their story.

The pain will go away if you follow the solutions for getting rid of each type of pain.

Thankfully I only experienced it with my first child. Maybe it was because I was new to breastfeeding then and didn't know anybody who could show me how to breastfeed.

I read breastfeeding books and searched the internet to learn how to do it and still wasn't able to prevent the pain.

Don't be like me.

I learned the painfully hard way and experienced pain for almost a the point where I almost gave up breastfeeding altogether!

By looking more closely at each pain that is associated with breastfeeding and reading my mistakes and solutions, you will be able to recognize and stop the pain before it happens, or reduce and eliminate it a lot faster than I knew how to in the beginning.

Give breastfeeding at least 6 weeks before giving up because of pain.

Breastfeeding will become painless for you! Let's take a closer look at my mistakes and the solutions I used for each type of pain:

Sore Nipples


Mastitis (Having a clogged milk duct is similiar to having mastitis, except you don't have the flu like symptoms. Use the same solution to get rid of a clogged duct as you would mastitis.)

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breastfeeding pain

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