What's the Harm in
Breastfeeding Your Man?

wife breastfeeding husband

None at all.

Breastfeeding your man is totally different than breastfeeding your baby.


Just like the bond you have between you and your child(ren) is different between the bond you have between you and your partner.

When you’re nursing your baby, there’s a providing, protecting, nurturing type of love going on. It’s this feeling where you say to yourself, “Wow! I can’t believe I created something this beautiful!”

On the other hand, when you’re breastfeeding your man, there’s a sensual, erotic, “this is my man”, strong type of love going on.

And it’s not hard for your body to know the difference. Your mind knows the difference, so therefore your body will know the difference.

You’re obviously wondering about this whole idea of breastfeeding your man, or maybe you’ve already done it and kind of feel guilty about it.

Or maybe you’re thinking that it’s not really right to do, or wondering if anyone else does it.

Well, I can guarantee you that other women have done it, or do it and haven’t said anything because they feel the same way that you do. And these same women will probably say, “Ugh! That is disgusting!”, if you ever brought the conversation up.

Don’t let it fool you. A lot of men like sucking on women breasts, and if these particular women are lactating, a lot of times, especially in the beginning stages of breastfeeding, milk is going to be leaking everywhere.

And a lot of times, your milk is going to let down and start leaking while you’re doing the “do”. If milk starts to leak while your partner is sucking on your nipples, do you think he’s going to stop and say, “ugh!"?

Probably not!

He’s probably going to suck that joker dry!

Just kidding.

But he might like it. My husband did.

When I first started nursing, I wanted him to taste my milk just so he could see that it was amazingly sweet, but he wouldn’t because he felt like he was taking food away from the baby.

But now he understands how breast milk works, (supply and demand) and when he tastes my milk, it becomes a sensual pleasurable thing between the two of us.

So do what you feel is right!

If you and your man want to enjoy the sensual feeling and bonding that comes with breastfeeding him, then do it!

Don’t feel a bit of guilt about it.

And if you don’t want to tell anybody about it, then don’t!

Let it stay between you and your partner.

If you two are having troubles right now, then make up! And get to breastfeeding your man!

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