black breastfeeding

You see those three boys in the picture? They are my healthy breast-fed babies!

As a matter of fact, the two little ones couldn't wait to get done with this picture in order to get back to nursing!

Hi. I'm Shun. And I'm a breastfeeding mama!

How many mothers can say that nowadays? Not many that I know.

When I first started breastfeeding, I had no idea I would be such an advocate for breastfeeding. Not to mention building a website about it! But here I am!

In the beginning, I was surrounded by negativity and bombarded with negative comments about me breastfeeding. Mainly from my spouse and relatives.

The comments ranged from:

"Why don't you just give him formula!" (in a negative tone), to

"Breastfeeding is for white people!"

Actually, that last comment was the funniest (and most ignorant) one of all to me.

It's funny how when your mind is made up to do something, you can endure almost anything.

When most of my relatives (and husband) realized it didn't matter what they said, I was still going to nurse my babies, they started accepting it.

A few of them even came to me in private with concerns about how to breastfeed if they decided to do it in the future or expressing that they'd wished they would've breastfed, or that they had tried to and then stopped.

Funny how things change when you stand your ground.

And once my husband finally got onboard with me breastfeeding, there was nothing that could stop me! Not even the nastiest comment!

Breastfeeding also led me to wanting to do other things natural.

I was already giving birth without pain medications, but I took it one step further and had my youngest son at home. In a bathtub full of water!

On purpose of course. (Everyone always asks if it was on purpose).

I had a homebirth! The only thing I regret about having a homebirth is not having one with my other two. Never again will I have a baby in a hospital if it's left up to me.

So if you live in Memphis, Tn. or near there, and thinking about having a homebirth, I highly recommend Trillium WomanCare. Amy is awesome!

So here I am, 7 years later....and still breastfeeding.

I'm a member of La Leche League International (LLLI), a military veteran (U.S. Navy), wife, mother, cook, maid, milk factory....etc.

I'm a real mother, just like you, and my first year of breastfeeding was a major learning experience. From getting through the pains of breastfeeding to learning how to pump. And all of this while serving in the military!

With this website, I bring to you my experiences as a breastfeeding mom. The issues I've had, and mothers that I now know have had, along with the solutions to those issues.

I could have went to school all day long to learn the things that I'm telling you. But as they say, experience is the best teacher.

Hopefully this information gets to you before you have given up on breastfeeding.

If I can help you get through your breastfeeding issues, it makes all the pain and negativity that I've gone through worthwhile. Actually seeing my boys grow up healthy from my milk makes it all worthwhile....but you come in a close second.;-)

So, enjoy this site and visit often. As a matter of fact, feel free to share your breastfeeding story, tip, or photo!

I absolutely love hearing other mothers' (and dads') stories and experiences with breastfeeding. It reeassures me and others that we are not alone.

See you around!

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