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why with number 4! :'(

Hello! Well I just found this site very useful. I have children. My youngest is almost 2 months old. And I have masistis. :'( ouch. I breastfed all

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Little Girl

After two boys we finally got a sweet girl..

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Natural and beautiful

First day home from the hospital, bonding with Mommy.

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Are Breastfeeding Tops Necessary?

Breastfeeding tops are not your frumpy grandma style shirts anymore……but is it really necessary to have one…..let’s find out…..

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How I Increased My BreastMilk Supply

How I Increased My BreastMilk Supply The first thing I noticed that helped me to increase my breast milk was drinking more water or other fluids such

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The MilkMaid Ezine

The MilkMaid gives you money making ideas to help you stay home with your baby a little longer....

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Is Breastfeeding and Smoking Okay?

Breastfeeding and smoking don’t go together, but if you feel like you can’t quit, here are some ways to reduce the effects smoking has on your baby if you want to continue to breastfeed.

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Little Girl

After two boys we finally got a sweet girl..

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Find out When to Pump Breast Milk

Knowing when to pump breast milk is an easy decision when you're able to answer these questions.

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Tales of a Tandem Mama

I can relate to nearly everything you mentioned on your tandem nursing page. I, too, never imagined even nursing my first beyond the age of 1. I always

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