Reduce the Affects of
Breastfeeding and Smoking


You can still partake in breastfeeding and smoking at the same time.

Ironic as it may sound, especially when compared with all the bad things smoking does to your body; lung cancer, throat cancer, etc., breastfeeding and smoking is still better than giving your baby formula.

And when I say smoking, I’m referring to marijuana as well.

But remember these things when you smoke while still breastfeeding:

• If you smoke around your baby, you’re constantly exposing him to the dangers of second hand smoke, which includes asthma, ear infections, sudden infant death syndrome, and just more hospital visits period!

• The amount of milk your body produces is lowered. By smoking, you’re messing with your baby’s milk supply, which leads to a low weight gain.

• Nicotine will be in your breast milk. After you smoke, your breast milk starts tasting like cigarettes, so your baby is pretty much smoking too.

If you can’t quit smoking altogether, do these things at a minimum so your baby won’t be affected so much:

Smoke less than 1 pack a day. If you already do that, you’re on the right path. Now try and smoke less than that.

Nurse your baby right before you start smoking.

Don’t smoke while you’re nursing your baby. Mainly because the smoke you exhale is going directly into your baby’s nose. So your baby will be drinking nicotine and inhaling nicotine all at the same time.

And it can affect your let down, how fast your milk flows from your breast to your baby.

If you want a smoke, smoke right after nursing your baby. Then wait at least 3 hours before nursing again. If your baby wants to eat before then, give him pumped breast milk if you have any stored. If not, then just feed him. It’s still better than formula.

A lot of people want to stop smoking, but smoking is very addictive and can be hard to stop. My mother has been trying to stop for over 30 years now. Every one of her kids’ birthday was the day she was going to stop.

Every year she tried.

And every year we would find her hiding a lit cigarette behind her back, with smoke rising above her head.

If you want to stop smoking, here is a natural way to help you stop, or at least reduce your craving for it.

It’s your choice. But don’t stop breastfeeding your baby, just cut back a little. Don’t let breastfeeding and smoking stop you from giving your baby the best thing possible: your breast milk.

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