How I Increased My BreastMilk Supply

by Laura
(Delaware, USA)

How I Increased My BreastMilk Supply

The first thing I noticed that helped me to increase my breast milk was drinking more water or other fluids such as teas/infusions. Water is important to breastmilk production. You're body is losing lots of liquids through breastfeeding. You need to keep up the supply by drinking lots of liquids to compensate. Not drinking enough water can cause damage to your kidneys. This is an especially delicate time since you kidneys just worked overtime for 9 long months filtering the extra volumn of blood during pregnancy. However, you also do not want to drink too much water which is also hard on your kidneys.

The average amoutn of water to drink is about 8 cups. It's important to remember that each woman is different and will require different amounts of water. Don't force it. Drink enough to keep your urine clear and stop constipation.

While drinking more water is important, more water alone will not "increase" your supply by much. It does allow your body do make more milk if it needs to and helps prevent kidney damage. And remember not to drink too much water.

Foods that increased my breastmilk supply

First, make sure to eat enough healthy foods to keep your energy up. You body uses a lot of energy to procude breast milk. Eating enough helps you to be less tired and stressed and keeps your milk supply up.

Green vegetables
Red/orange vegetables: beet and yam
Almonds and cashews
Oils and butter
Carrot seeds

Herbs and spices to increase breast milk

Fenugreek seeds
Fennel seeds
Cumin seeds
Black sesame seeds
Holy basil
Dill seeds

Galactagogues (foods that increase milk supply)

blessed thistle (bitter)
Goat’s Rue
Red Raspberry Leaf
Vitex (may also start menses)
Borage (not for long term use)
Brewers yeast
Marshmallow (althaea) root

More tips

Feed often
control pain
latch on correctly
wake baby
pump between nursing
no pacifiers

Avoid these that dry up breast milk

peppermint (could, but only in excess)
birth control pills that contain estrogen

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