Are Breastfeeding Tops Really Necessary?

breastfeeding tops

Breastfeeding tops are not necessary, but wearing one makes it so convenient when you’re breastfeeding in public.

Before I bought a breastfeeding shirt, I would have to pull my shirt up to nurse my baby, exposing my stomach and back. This was okay when I was sitting down, because my baby’s body covered my stomach.

That wasn’t the problem.

The problem came after I was done nursing. Depending on the type of shirt I had on, I would have to reposition everything……my breast in my bra (this was before I had a breastfeeding bra), and making sure I had pulled my shirt back down all the way…..all while holding my baby, since I use a baby carrier instead of a stroller.

(Here are the benefits to wearing your baby instead of pushing them in a stroller!)

After buying a few nursing tops, I found nursing in public much easier, simply because I didn’t have to do all that adjusting anymore.

And nursing tops are not your frumpy grandma style shirts anymore.

They have strapless nursing tops , short sleeve tops, tank tops , long sleeve tops, hoodies , elegant ......

The list goes on and on....

And if you don’t want to buy a bunch of breastfeeding shirts, you can just get a nursing cami. breastfeeding shirts

You can wear it with your nursing bra and under your regular shirt. When you get ready to feed your baby, pull your shirt up and unhook your nursing bra and nurse your baby. Your stomach and back stays covered because you never lift up your nursing cami.

The great thing about breastfeeding shirts now, is that you can still wear them even after you’ve stopped breastfeeding your baby! That’s how cute they are!

Here are my 3 favorite stores to get breastfeeding shirts from:

A Mother’s Boutique


Nurtured Family

Have fun shopping!

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