Ouch! Sore Nipples!

ISSUE: Sore Nipples

nipple pain
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Sore nipples are the most painful of all the pains associated with breastfeeding.


Because your baby still has to put those nipples in their mouth to nurse! Yikes!

If you have nipple pain you will know it!

No one will have to tell you what the symptoms are.

My experience with sore nipples included cracking and eventually forming scabs on them.

Yes! Scabs.

Like a scab that forms on your knee after you fall and scrape it.

My nipples hurted so bad that I started walking around the house all day with no shirt on, because even to feel something as soft as cotton on my nipples made them hurt.

What made it even worse was the fact that my baby still had to eat. During that period, everytime he nursed, I cried.....I feel like crying right now just thinking about the pain!

I would hold my breath and tense up as he nursed so it wouldn't hurt so bad.

Didn't work.

Still hurted.

He would suck so hard when he nursed that he would suck the scabs on my nipples right off!

And that's when I figured out what I was doing wrong.

SOLUTION: Immediate relief for sore nipples now!

sore nipples

Ok, you already have nipple pain and you're trying to heal them as quick as possible....do these 3 things....

Rub breast milk on your nipples or

Rub Motherlove Nipple Cream on your nipples or

Rub Natural Nipple Butter on your nipples

Rub your breast milk on your nipples first.

If that doesn't heal them in about a week, then use one of the creams.

Both creams are good and work fast to heal your nipples.

Also, let your nipples air out and be free!

It doesn't feel good to have something like a shirt or bra touching your already sore nipples!

If you want to go straight to using one of the nipple creams to relieve your nipple pain, and are having trouble deciding which one to use, here is some helpful info:

Both creams have organic ingredients, but if you like mango and cocoa butter, like I do, go for the Natural Nipple Butter! You won't regret it!

SOLUTION: What you're doing to get sore nipples and how to prevent future nipple pain

Position your baby right.

Position your baby right.

Position your baby right!

What do I mean by that?

Your baby should not be nursing on your nipple.

The main purpose of your nipple in breastfeeding is to squirt the milk into the back of your baby's throat.

Stuff as much of your breast as possible into your baby's mouth. This is where I had trouble, which in turned caused my nipples to hurt like crazy!

My mistake was not finding the breastfeeding position that worked best for me and my baby at the time.

I was a newbie at this breastfeeding thing. Didn't know anybody who had done it or was currently doing it (if you know someone, consider yourself a step ahead), and all of my knowledge came from books and the internet.

My baby didn't open his mouth wide enough for me to put enough breast in, so I put in what I could and he would close his mouth immediately once the nipple got in.

Because I was trying to learn how to breastfeed using the cradle hold position, I really couldn't see his mouth good in order to put enough of my breast in.

So I started using the football hold position.

This helped a lot, because at least now I could see what I was doing.

I could see his mouth and how the nipple was going in the mouth. But he still wouldn't open his mouth wide enough!

What did I do?

I let my son get very frustrated and hungry until he would cry with his mouth opened wide......

Then I would stuff my breast into his mouth!

Worked like a charm!

From that point on, everytime he cried due to hunger, he would cry with his mouth open wide on purpose in order to help mommy out.....precious!

Avoid doing that mistake, and your chances of not having sore nipples are increased dramatically!

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