Six breastfeeding positions
to choose from!

(with a bonus position)

There are six common breastfeeding positions and I have used all six!

But there are two that are my absolute favorite!

Let's go over all six, starting with my two favorite breastfeeding positions. Using a breastfeeding pillow can help you with most of these positions.

1. Side Laying Position

nursing laying down

This is my favorite position of them all.


Because while most new mothers are groggy and tired in the mornings because their baby doesn't sleep all night, this position allows both, me and my nursing baby, to go back to sleep at night.....

Or whenever I feel like laying down.

This breastfeeding position is also excellent if you are recovering from a C-section, because the baby is not pressing against your stomach.

This position can be a little tricky in the beginning to learn. But it is definitely worth the effort of learning it.

I love this breastfeeding position so much that I have learned to do it in the dark.....with my eyes close!

I just use my fingers and my breast to feel around for my baby's mouth.....and then pop it in!


2. Football Hold

football hol

This breastfeeding position is my favorite because it saved the day when I was just about to give up trying to breastfeed my first child.

I was so frustrated with trying to get my son to latch on that my toes started sweating!

This position allowed me to see his mouth open wide enough to put the nipple in just right while holding his head.

I used this breastfeeding position for a long time, at least until I was comfortable enough with breastfeeding to move to another position.

This position kept me from giving up.

3. Cradle Hold

breastfeeding photography

This nursing position is the most common position used by breastfeeding mothers.

This is the only position I use in public because it allows you to nurse very discreetly.

Unless a person is familiar with breastfeeding, they will have absolutely no clue that you are nursing your baby.

While nursing, I have had people walk up to me and ask to see my baby, and I would tell them he is sleeping.

After they insist on seeing him, I tell them he is eating. The ones who are still clueless almost always ask, "Eating what?".

After I tell them that he is breastfeeding, I get that classic look with the eyebrows up, "Ohhh, ok."....and they walk away.

Very discreet position.

4. Cross Cradle Hold

breastfeeding photo

This breasfeeding position is excellent for nursing your newborn and holding steady his wiggly little head.

Also, if you are right-handed or left-handed, this position allows your baby to nurse both breast while keeping your specific hand free each time.

For example, let's say you are right-handed. If your baby is nursing on the left breast, you would put your baby in the cradle hold position on the left arm, while stirring the pot of spaghetti sauce with your free right hand.

If your baby is nursing on the right breast, you would use this position, the cross cradle hold, while stirring that pot of spaghetti sauce with your free right hand.

If you're not a breastfeeding pro yet and not very good at cooking, I recommend doing something a bit more simplistic with that free hand.....

Like eating a plate of spaghetti!

Oh, did you think your baby was going to stay sleep while you ate? Or stay quiet in the swing?

He wakes up just in time to join the family for dinner.

There've been plenty of crumbs fall on the side of my baby's face while he's nursing and I'm eating!

Maybe I should learn how to latch on properly to a spoon first before I try teaching someone how to latch on to a breast!

Ahhh! The joys of breastfeeding!

5. Australian Hold

breastfeeding photos

This position is also good for getting some well needed rest, like the side laying position.

I mainly use this position when I'm relaxed and laying on the couch.

Use your arm to keep the baby propped up if he starts falling to the side while nursing.

Before you know it, you and the baby both will be sleep!

6. Saddle Hold

black breastfeedin

This breastfeeding position is used for the experienced nurser who can hold his own head up. Otherwise, you will have to hold the baby's head and neck steady.

This is a great position when tandem nursing a toddler and a newborn.

(Bonus position!)
7. No-Hold Hold

breast feeding pics

Ok, I made this position up, but I know I can't be the only one that does it.

Simply prop your baby up on a high enough pillow or breastfeeding pillow so that they can reach your breast and nurse comfortably without you holding them in position.

The pillow will hold him in place.

This position comes in handy while folding clothes and nursing at the same time!

Try all of these breast feeding positions and see which one works best for you and your baby.

You might end up liking all seven!

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