Breast Milk Storage Bags

breast milk storage bags

Using breast milk storage bags are one of three ways to store your breast milk.

With the other two ways being to store it in a bottle or to freeze it in a breast milk freezer tray.

When labeling your storage bags with a date and your baby's name, don't make the same mistake I did when I first started using them - write your baby's name and date on the bag before you pour the milk in it. Trying to write on a bag full of milk isn't so easy!

Also, when pouring your milk into the bags, leave a few inches of empty space at the top, just in case you need to freeze it later. And squeeze the air out of the bag as you close it.

When I first started using storage bags, I would fill mine all the way to the top before freezing it. When I got ready to use my milk, I would open my freezer to find a bunch of frozen milk that had spilled all over the place!

It just so happens that as your milk freezes, it expands. So leaving that extra room at the top gives it space to expand without bursting open.

Lesson learned.

I've had many lessons learned with spilled milk, mainly because of not closing the bag good on the edges.

I've used storage bags for many years now (3 kids...and maybe counting), and have narrowed it down to two favorites:

Lasinoh BreastMilk Storage Bags

Medela Pump and Save Storage Bags

I used to use Gerber's Seal and Go bags, but after hearing so many horror stories from other moms about the plastic leaking into their baby's milk and making them sick, I stopped using them.

So nowadays I stick with either Lasinoh or Medela's pump and save as my preferred breastmilk storage bags.

Which do you prefer?

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