Does Breastfeeding and Alcohol Mix?

Not really, but you can still partake in breastfeeding and alcohol at the same time. Drinking alcohol and breastfeeding is definitely better than giving your baby formula.

But remember these things when you drink alcohol while breastfeeding:

• If the alcohol level in your blood is high, then it’s the same in your breast milk. So if your baby is drinking alcoholic breast milk, they’re basically getting drunk. Your baby’s liver can’t get rid of alcohol as quickly as your body can, so it will affect your baby’s sleep. Even the way they develop.

• The amount of milk your body produces is lowered. By drinking alcohol, you’re messing with your baby’s milk supply, which will lead to a low weight gain for your baby.

If you insist on drinking alcohol while breastfeeding, do these things at a minimum so your baby won’t be affected so much:

Reduce the amount of alcohol you drink. If you’re used to drinking 5 alcoholic beverages a day, cut it down to 2.

Nurse your baby right before you start drinking.

Don’t nurse until your body feels completely normal again from drinking. If your baby wants to eat before then, give them pumped breast milk if you have any stored. If not, just feed them. It’s still better than formula.

If you’re a drunk, meaning you’re always drinking, and there is no time where you feel normal, or maybe that is normal, then you should consider feeding your baby something else besides breast milk.

If giving your baby something else isn’t an option for you, then here is a natural way that can help you reduce your intake.

At the end of it all, remember it’s your choice to decide which is more important: Your baby, or your desire to drink alcohol to the point where it affects your ability to breastfeed on a regular basis.

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