Cons of breastfeeding
(with possible solutions)

cons of breastfeeding

Cons of breastfeeding

Are the cons of breastfeeding enough to make you say forget about it.....

Let's find out......

• When the baby is hungry, guess who he wants?


It doesn't matter if you're cooking, cleaning or playing the flute! No one else will be able to satisfy his need. Although, you can always have some milk pumped and in a bottle for someone else to feed him.

Pumping is a task in itself. It doesn't take long to pump milk, but finding time amongst all the other daily activities can be a bit of a challenge, unless you're pumping only at work.

When I do pump at home, it's easier and saves time to pump one breast while the baby is nursing on the other.

• For some, breastfeeding can cause breast pain, such as sore nipples, mastitis, etc. All of these can be remedied and usually becomes non-existent the longer you breastfeed.

• Breastfeeding can drain your energy. Not to the point where it feels like you've just ran a 5-mile marathon, but your body is a living factory, burning calories producing milk all day for your baby.

So relax a bit more than usual.....if you can find the time.....

Breastfeeding in public can be embarassing and make you self-conscious when you first do it. Learn how to breastfeed in public discreetly and you will soon be able to put your baby to your breast while holding a conversation! And no one will know the difference! Of course, except for you and your baby.

Or you could always bring a bottle of breast milk along for the trip.

Breastfeeding and working can become challenging if your company is not sensitive to this issue. Know your state's breastfeeding laws.

If all else fails, go to your car and pump during your breaks. Follow the storage procedures for storing breastmilk and your baby will be just fine.

Now you tell me, are the advantages of breastfeeding worth the effort?

In my mind....absolutely YES!

All of the cons of breastfeeding can be worked around and/or eliminated.

I've had to deal with all of the above.

Have I ever considered feeding my babies formula because of those cons?

Absolutely not!

And this is coming from someone who had never seen anyone breastfeeding until becoming an adult.

Ultimately it's your decision.

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