Is Getting Pregnant While Breastfeeding Possible?

getting pregnant while breastfeeding

Yes. Getting pregnant while breastfeeding is possible.

I got pregnant while breastfeeding my nine month old baby.

But then again, I wasn’t doing all the things according to research in order to not get pregnant.

According to researchers, if you breastfeed your baby only, meaning no pumping, no milk substitutes, like water, juice or formula, and you nurse your baby whenever they want, then your chance of getting pregnant for the first six months are slim to none.

My baby was 9 months, so I had already passed the 6 months threshold. I had been pumping breast milk for a few months then, and he had started eating solids. And I had started having periods again.

So really, I guess you could say I wanted to get pregnant. (Although I wasn't ready for another one yet)

But I know of breastfeeding moms who were doing all of the above, breastfeeding only, baby under 6 months, no milk substitutes, nursing on demand, and they still got pregnant.

Then there are other moms who have went a whole year without getting pregnant, simply because they breastfed.

In most situations, if you haven't started coming on your period yet, then you won’t get pregnant. But if you’ve ever had irregular periods, then you know you can’t always count on that.

Research is good and all, but every woman’s body is different. Your body is different.

If you’re trying to have a baby while breastfeeding, then don’t use any type of contraceptive and see what happens.

If you don’t want to or don’t plan on getting pregnant while breastfeeding, then it’s best to take precautions and use some type of birth control.

All birth controls are not breastfeeding friendly. Some will dry up your milk or cause unwanted side effects.

There's a natural birth control that I use that doesn’t affect your breast milk and it still protects you from pregnancy.

But make sure you use it faithfully. Because since it’s so natural, you’ll get pregnant as soon as you stop using it.

Or you could always use condoms.

All in all, research is very informative, but your body may be different from what statistics show.

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