A Thrush Treatment that’s Fast, Convenient and Easy!

……and oh, did I mention Cheap!

When my 3 month old got baby thrush, I immediately started looking for a natural thrush treatment.

I’m a sucker when it comes to natural things. To me, they’re always the better way to go.

Of all the natural remedies out there, I just knew there had to be some home remedies for thrush.

The one that I found and used, and recommend to my friends who ask what they can use as a natural treatment for thrush, is this:

how to treat thrush

Plain Yogurt

Yep. That’s it. Just plain ole’ yogurt.

Not strawberry yogurt.

Not peach, blueberry or apple pie yogurt.

PLAIN yogurt.

This has to be the cheapest, easiest and most convenient way to treat thrush.

When my son got thrush, I went to the grocery store and bought a small container of plain organic yogurt.

You don’t necessarily have to buy organic, but make sure it says plain.

What you do is, get a q-tip or use your finger (I prefer to use my finger), a clean finger, and scoop a little yogurt out.

Then rub it all over the inside of your baby’s mouth and on the outside of their lips. And just leave it. Don’t wipe it off.

If you’re breastfeeding your baby, let them nurse with the yogurt on their mouth. If it gets on your nipple that’s a good thing, just in case the yeast was being transferred back and forth between you and your baby.

Put plain yogurt in and around your baby’s mouth every time you think about it. I did it at least three times a day.

My son’s thrush was cleared up within a matter of days!

Depending on how early you catch it will depend on how long it takes to start clearing up.

Although my baby’s thrush cleared up within a few days, I still put yogurt in his mouth for a week just to make sure that it was completely gone.

So there you have it!

The easiest, cheapest, quickest and most effective way for thrush treatment:

Plain Yogurt

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