Get the Benefits of Alfalfa While Increasing Your Breast Milk

The benefits of alfalfa can benefit your body greatly! It is a very enriching herb!

Its leaves are rich in:





vitamin E

vitamin K

vitamin D


In other words, it will make your breast milk even more nutrient rich, along with increasing it. And all that goodness is flowing through your milk into your baby's body.

We all know that any food that is green (naturally) is good for you.....remember your mom telling you to eat those vegetables.....

Alfalfa is chock full of green stuff!

And this is an easy way to get those greens in everyday! You can use alfalfa leaves to make a nice soothing tea flavored with an orange peel, mint or honey. You can buy alfalfa sprouts from most grocery stores and add it to salads and sandwiches, or you can take it in capsule form.

It can also be used to:

treat urinary tract infections

treat bladder infections

treat kidney infections

A side effect of alfalfa can occur if you are on blood thinners. Since green leafy foods help to clot your blood, which is natural, it wouldn't be a good idea to take alfalfa and a blood thinning agent at the same time.

For the best results in increasing your breast milk, take alfalfa with fenugreek and blessed thistle.

To get your milk flowing, take 3 capsules 3 times a day.

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