Using Fennel Seeds to Increase Your Breast Milk

Some say that fennel is used to increase your breast milk, or it is a galactagogue (anything that increases your milk supply). But this seed is mainly used to help with your let-down.

For most mothers, just simply thinking about their baby makes their milk let-down or their breasts to start leaking. For some mothers, like myself, just hearing a baby cry makes their milk leak!

For other mothers, it's not so simple. And that's where this licorice flavored herb comes in.

Take this herb with either fenugreek or blessed thistle to get the most out of it while increasing your milk supply. Or you can take all three together.

Some of the benefits of taking this herb goes beyond increasing your milk supply:

Increases your sex drive

Eliminates bad breath

Gets your bowels from being constipated

Aids in digestion

Use for coughs

Relieves heartburn

Some of the side effects are:

If you take too much it can decrease your breast milk

Suppresses appetite (although that could be a benefit for some people)

If you are allergic to carrot, celery or mugwort, it's a possibility that you may be allergic to this plant as well, which may cause a skin reaction

There are some great benefits that come along with the fact that it helps your milk supply, but if the side effects of this galactagogue are too much for you, there are other options to increasing your breast milk.

To get your milk flowing, take 1 capsule, 3 times a day.

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