Why Wear Breastfeeding Clothing

Having breast feeding clothes isn’t a necessity, but it sure does help when you’re breastfeeding in public and pumping at work.

Instead of having to pull your shirt up, you just unhook or move over the part of your breastfeeding shirt from whichever breast you want to nurse or pump from.

You would do the same thing with a breastfeeding bra. Just unhook the top part over whichever breast you want to use.

Wearing a breastfeeding top is a good way to be discreet while nursing without having to cover your baby with a blanket or breastfeeding cover.

Although if you've been breastfeeding a while and have become comfortable with doing it in public, you can nurse your baby discreetly with a regular shirt by holding your baby in the cradle hold while nursing, covering up your stomach with your baby's body, and then pulling your shirt back down a little to touch your baby's nose.

Ok. But what if you want to wear a dress, or have to wear a dress for work. You could always wear a low v-neck dress and just pull one of your breasts out to nurse or pump.

Or you could get a breastfeeding dress! Luckily for us they make cute breastfeeding dresses that look good enough to wear even after you’re done nursing for good. So you haven’t wasted money by buying something to wear only for a specific time.

Nursing clothes come in a variety of styles and aren’t a necessity to have in your closet, but they do make breastfeeding in public and pumping at work a lot easier.

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