Preparing for Breastfeeding

preparing for breastfeeding

Preparing for breastfeeding is not time consuming at all.

There is nothing you need to do or can do to prepare your breasts for breastfeeding.

Even for sore nipples, studies have shown than proper breastfeeding positions can only prevent them, not tugging and pulling on them to "toughen" them up while pregnant.

But, there are three questions you must ask yourself and then prepare for breastfeeding accordingly:

Do I have the right breastfeeding apparel?

Do I plan on going back to work while nursing?

Do I have flat or inverted nipples?

Let's touch on each one of these issues.

The Right Breastfeeding Apparel

There aren't many items you need for breastfeeding since your baby's milk and bottles are automatically connected to your body.

But having breastfeeding clothing such as breastfeeding tops and breastfeeding dresses can help you to nurse your baby in a much more hassle free way than trying to pull up your shirt to get the baby latched on while breastfeeding in public or at home.

And you'll look cute too!

Don't forget the breastfeeding pillow!

This is a lifesaver when learning how to breastfeed.

Working While Breastfeeding

breastfeeding pain

If you plan on going back to work while nursing, your baby is going to need milk while you are away.

And unless you plan on giving him formula, he is going to be drinking your milk.

Therefore it is necessary for you to have a high quality breastpump in order to pump milk, and of course, the proper breastfeeding clothes.

Also remember that the more time you spend away from your baby, the higher the chance of you becoming engorged and of your milk decreasing.

So please, please, make sure you pump enough and if needed, get the Breastfeeding Bundle for pain.

Inverted and/or Flat nipples

Inverted and flat nipples are pretty much the same- they both look like they're pushed in all the time.

It helps the baby to suck effectively if the nipple is protruding as far back as possible in his mouth.

To check for inverted or flat nipples, you can do two things:


Gently squeeze the nipple with two fingers and move it up and down. Do this for both nipples. If they start to poke out then you don't have flat or inverted nipples.

If your nipples don't start poking out, try the next thing......


Get an ice cube and rub it on each nipple. If that doesn't make your nipples stick out, then you have flat or inverted nipples.

Don't worry if you have flat or inverted nipples. It's still possible to nurse your baby. Some babies are not affected by this type of nipple and can pull it far enough back into their mouths to latch on good.

For for some babies it may be more difficult.

In preparing for breastfeeding with inverted or flat nipples, use nipple shields.

They are made specifically to pull the nipple out and are comfortable to wear.

Start wearing them while you are pregnant for a few hours a day.

After the baby is born, wear nipple shields in between feedings to help pull the nipple out.

You can also pump right before nursing your baby. This too will help pull the nipple out.


Preparing for breastfeeding is a breeze when you know what questions to ask yourself.

And those questions are:

Do I have the right breastfeeding apparel?

Do I plan on going back to work while nursing?

Do I have flat or inverted nipples?

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preparing for breastfeeding

preparing for breastfeeding

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